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Humble Beginnings

sierra nevada, sunset, tall mountain, lake


Founder Nima Chiring’s journey towards his passion for design started as a flooring apprentice, learning as much as he could while earning enough to help pay for his college tuition. Years later he was blessed with the birth of his first daughter whom he named Samaya, meaning “commitment” in Sanskrit, later becoming the inspiration for the name of his business.

Spending more time working with wood, Nima discovered he had a passion for creating with it. Motivated to learn and grow in this industry, he opened his first small retail store, Samaya's Eco Flooring in 2005, selling wood flooring and handmade rugs from Nepal, while continuing to work on the side as a flooring installer. As he gained more knowledge about flooring products, he began focusing his business on eco-friendly materials, benefiting his clients as well as the planet.

Nima’s dedication to customer service, and ease connecting with people, has supported him in growing a successful local business. His joy is unmistakable as he guides his clients in creating beautiful homes they can be proud of.

"Through all of that time, I built a team that became a family while maintaining integrity to the best of our ability."

~ Nima Chiring, Owner

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